Pets Need Outerwear Too

Remember when your parents would remind you daily that when you were out in public, you were a "representation of them?" You know, those times when your mom made you put on a better shirt before school or you only wore your "good coat" for church. Though it was sometimes irritating and a never ending task to get out of the house on time, the concern for how we looked and whether we were dressed appropriately for the weather was really an act of love. Our pets are a part of our families and they represent us. 

 During the winter season, it is imperative that they are properly taken care of, because like their parents, they are also susceptible to colds, illnesses, etc. All pets require time outside to get exercise and/or for leisure. During those cold days, your pet should be dressed appropriately. Most pet owners are aware that though pets have fur, the fur is no match for a brutal winter or a cold vacation. In addition, compared to larger pets, it is usually more difficult for smaller pets to retain their body heat, especially if they have to be out in the cold for long periods of time.

We have dog jackets, dog coats, cat jackets, cat coats, dog sweaters, cat sweaters, etc for pets of different sizes that are trendy and classy. These items are created with materials that are dog-friendly and would not pose a health risk when used for the purpose it was created for.  

pet coatsOur coats and jackets come in different styles and colors; therefore, you will be able to choose a product that works for your pet's lifestyle. Many of our customers opt to buy 2 items, with one being a heavier coat for colder days and the other item being a pullover or a pet jacket for those days that aren't so cold. Pets need outerwear too. If there are other colors and styles that you desire, but we do not carry please feel free to send your feedback to We love providing you with what you like.